In the beginning, there was chocolate

Because I am not supposed to be doing any of this stuff, I am supposed to be doing Real things, like completing coursework, and setting up quizzes, doing translations, and writing other stuff that pays. But I can’t resist.

I got a sim and it is called Chocolate. It took less than half an hour for the Veesome ppl to set it up, right next to Thoth Jantzen’s sim Cosmosis, where I’ve been occupying a little island. Jay came to visit, he gave his avie the daftest name, but it was great to have company. That’s Iza, one of many drifters in and out of the world. There are still loads of bugs, but I’m getting comfy. Thoths’ into a sort of etruscan-egyptian theme, so I have gone with the archeologist element – nice 1930’s camp bed, and there’s a crux ansata I ‘dug up’ on the table, along with my usual urns and stuff.

I am learning a lot. This is true pioneering, over here in Veesome, or SpotOn – it’s all very confusing, it’s basically 2 grids, linked, so you can go between them. But I never say ‘spoton’ it sounds like something out of a Clearasil ad. I’ll have to blog the place more in upcoming posts. They don’t do ‘money’ you have to shop online, which I haven’t had time to look into – I know there are goods and services available, beyond the reasonably decent basic freebies, it’s just that it seemed quicker to make what I like, in my own style. I have made clothes and hair, poses and furniture, I’ve terraformed. I am completely crotch obsessed. This is the dress I made for Oberon’s grid, Portable1.

There is no-one here on Veesome, so it’s Thirza’s SL all over again, without the largely redundant Contacts list which only used to make her feel even more isolated, plus, nobody asks for a traduzione a scrocco! for the first time in 3 years, that’s something. Little time for loneliness, I’m too busy  getting ruthed or trying to stop stony contours from bubbling madly. Or threatening to punch photoshop. If I could have stuff, I would have… some of Soror’s trees, some of Natsha’s paintings for the house I’m going to build, Oberon’s chair, Scottius’ crocodile and my octopus Bob, all manner of scripts that I probably can make work if I take the time, and my Damsefly pigtails. I have my own version, but I’d rather have the real thing.

Weird shit happens building in Open Sim, if  you move linked prims, they sometimes disappear into the sky or go to 1,1,1 especially if you use control z, and I occasionally go invisible.

Soror wrote a post about composting 8 hours of work, I feel I’ve been doing that all week, although it’s not true, the discards have all taught me something, and the true frustration is that I have a dozen ideas and schemes in my head. None of them clear, and I’m not good at any of it. The good news is – I am getting better. The bad news – I am NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THIS . So don’t tell anybody.


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