Craft! woot! Having missed my flight, by some epic confusionary events last night that I better not go into, turns out I have an extra day here, and what with the fog – look, no bridge! – it seemed pointless to attempt any touristy things until dinner time, when I am promised crabs.

Yum. Both Wizard Gynoid and Oberon have posted about Craft today, so I had to go take a look! Their website is seriously sketchy, but it boils down to a Bring Your Own Sim approach, and of the many hideous newbie avies/outfits, this is one, with her backless shirt is far from the worst incarnation of newbie Thirza. The room I rezzed in was not very friendly, the stairs didn’t seem to work for a start, but there’s something comforting about coming inworld in an enclosed, semi-private space, rather than emerging onto the grid in front of an audience, which is what happens in Spoton. Sure, it’s nice to be greeted, but let me at least change my top before I make new friends.

Craft, which has only really been up and running for about three weeks, has just shy of 300 users so far, but that number is going to balloon over the next few weeks. It bills itself as The Friendly World, and the very first person I saw wasthe lovely Shellina Winkler.

She was naturally sporting a Museo del Metaverso tag, they are the prime movers on the grid, and they are really at the heart of the migration of so many SL artists, especially italophones, who are bound to be drawn inworld by the reputation of Roxelo. And yes, they do need a translator, and no don’t look at me. Anyway, Shellina was on Titania, Oberon Onmura’s sim, which is primed to become a focal point of physical art in no time. It’s fantastic how quickly the idea of independent sims is becoming mainstream, even I am beginning to get a handle on how it all works. OK not really.

As you can see, Oberon is pretty much the same in all worlds; here he has a fancy skin by… I forget who he mentioned made it, but I do know he misses his eyes – he looks very Roswell here, I think. However, with no charge for  uploading or anything else, I’m sure it will be no time at all till he gets that all sorted.

Artistide Despres’ sim of the same name has been up and running for three days already, and so you can be sure there’s going to be a whole world of excellent innovative art to check out before you can say Xmas Vacation.

Hmmm, wherever you go, there you are. Even virtually.

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