swiss on wry

I hate these foggy days, I hate the thought of fog in the mountains, well fog plus big rigs; it makes me break out in a cold sweat and count the number of times I’ll have to brave the weather before the winter break begins. It also makes me want to snuggle up to some prims. I always get ideas about builds, or (impractical) strategies to resolve building problems, when I am driving. Along with my addiction to taking photos of amusing number plates, this no doubt puts me in a category by myself when it comes to Dangerous Drivers.

Last night I was invited over to a new friend’s place. His name is Caliburn and he has a super castle on his sim, he’s a bit shy of publicity and his build isn’t finished so I’ll just put a photo that gives the general idea of his style.

My shoes are all over the place, and I am still fighting with those damn pigtails. I think I am not a builder at heart. I don’t want the challenge of reinventing something already brilliantly made, my version of them is never going to be as nice as the real thing by Damselfly , and I’d gladly give up trying, if only I could get my act together for long enough to just contact… this is what I love about writing a blog, you actually do stuff, like me right now, sending a begging email, and mildly stalking their Flickr … gosh they really do have lovely hair, hmm, look at that comment, interesting…

I have a feeling my  “waste less time running off on tangents” resolution is already dead.

Cal’s castle is gorgeous. He’s a good builder, and has loads of inspiring plans and schemes for the future. He got tired of paying all that money for tier in SL, and, like me, had intended to spend less time doing 3D stuff, but it seems that he and his partner are keeping just as busy with the new builds. He doesn’t see Veesome, or SpotON, as ever becoming a social place; hard to see it getting past the chicken/egg problem of pioneers not being shoppers and shoppers going where the goods are readily available.  Hard to say whether the grid will take off, as we keep being told, and even if it does, whether that will simply become home to business people, or (argh) virtual classrooms, or whether it will blossom into a sort of wild new world. There are so many variables. It’s funny talking in IM in Veesome, here are only a handful of people online at any time, and it’s back to that slightly creepy sensation from early in SL, when you thought that your private chat are being read **although I’m sure they’re not**… apart from that sunfish incident, hmmm…

Not that I have any secrets; I’m happy to tell all about my troubles; it’s a new place and there are wrinkles to sort out, my own sim Chocolate does loads of weird things, like bubbling if you terraform for more than a few minutes; my hair coming and going has been a recent trend, but a perfectly new thing last night was the swiss cheese effect, seen here, which I thought was caused by standing too long next to the new groundcover, a partially invisible sculpty by Spoton’s horticultural genius Felonious Nitely

… on the other hand, that might be my poor computer trying to cope with the fact I have the viewer, skype, chrome, Photoshop, and Netflix all running at the same time. Wow. Omega Man is a really awful film, especially if you’re just following the audio part. ‘Get your dirty hands off me’. Oh wait no that’s the other one. But more comprehensible than that Hungarian film about the subway, it’s hard to follow Hungarian when you can’t see the subtitles. I leave you to your hungry puns.

If you’ve been cheesed, tell me about it. Misery loves company.


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