woot I threw my first prim in Craft ! ok a bizarre flouncy heart, not a dodecawhoodron, like Wizzy would make, but something, at least – and I have my own teeshirt, even if the rest of me is all noob. It’s the shirt from Oberon Onmura‘s world Portable1, it has ‘Visit Thirza’s Rock’ written on the back. Thirza’s Rock (version 2)  is on sim Titania on Craft, it’s surrounded by much larger, more important mountains, but naturally, I like mine best.

This is the sandbox at Craft, but there are loads of more interesting things to look at, like the castle you get trapped in visit when you first arrive. The residents are all artists of note, so there are lots of interesting sims to discover, just not enough time for it all…

The thing with all these worlds is that, going from grid to grid and viewer to viewer, you’ve got to keep track of all the bizarre places in which your pictures get saved in the PC, making it hard to find clothing textures and souvenirs. Who the heck would have time for alternate name tags? I can’t keep up with all the various Thirzas. Also, I still haven’t figured out how to import prims into Craft, but that’s a mere Q/A session with one of the tame brainboxes in the new world. Italian powerhouse Roxelo Babenco has loads of events going on, even a gallery show by the absolutely wonderful La Baroque. Join the MdM group in FB to know more.

Back in Veesome, it’s tree time. Fel‘s trees are all completely modifiable, and it’s fun to twist the palms a little. Then I made my own invention, an abstract tree, pink of course. It will have starfruit on it.  What can I say, it’s an obssession.

To balance it out, the ruined castle tends towards lapis lazuli. I have no idea where I am going with any of this.

In an unrelated Veesome ping, German poet Morgue Mcmillan is here! What a thrill to speak to her. She was drawn into Veesome by Mike Burleigh‘s ROF organization, – that stands for Remember Our Friends – but she’s also organizing some nice literary events in the new grid, pictures and news to follow. If I can ever get my land to stop bubbling.


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