Easily sidetracked, I started exploring the idea of selling my earrings and such in Veesome and got lots of encouragement from Grid Gear creator Lindy Low. Unlike SL, all shopping has to be done through the website,  which is more secure and all. Lindy’s making money as the new grid begins to get populated with corporate and academic users, so if clothes and such is your field, you should try to get in at the ground floor, they’re crying out for content.
If, however, you just want simple larks, nothing’s more fun than pulling Crap’s chain. Too easy. Just insert a random name into a random sentence, tag him, and watch him whir off into the distance like a semi soggy firework. A good time for this activity would be during a poker game. Just a suggestion. And he really does have a voice best suited to listening.
Speaking of people working themselves up into a state in a mildly amusing way, it’s polemica time at the MdM over on Craft: it’s in the ‘which grid is better’ family of fights. Nothing new there, right? As gky gianky put it,  ‘Nella rete gli animi si accendono molto più del grisù nelle miniere.’

So, the best time to whir around Craft this weekend is after the Italians have gone to bed, unless you’re good at tiptoeing.  The current setup in the Cassiopeia Art community is more granny’s attic than artist’s garret, a tumbling bundle of famous names from SL. It’s a sort of multi-storey art … well, park, for want of a better word. I’m not sure any of them take the new grid seriously, or if they just want to hedge their bets. Wizard Gynoid’s whattheheckadron is a bit squished but if you turn your DD way down low you can see some of the pieces in isolation.

On the other hand, the picture below is Artistide Despres’ install. Through the walls you can see the surrounding art (the steel mushroom cloud thingy is the new tower shellina Winkler is working on) and it turns the whole concept of ‘piece of art’ on its head. Each item is an individual, but when they are seen together, they speak together, not always a harmonious chorus, some name-calling involved, but it’s definitely a dialogue, and it’s good to talk. Well, with some obvious exceptions.


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