Nobody reads this blog, but I should point out that Craft has a proper Welcome Centre, on sim Hydra. There is a bug in the system that makes some people land up in the dungeon, but they’re working on it – hey, it’s The Friendly Grid.  And I’m to say that ‘Craft offers more than just the Museo del Metaverso’.  Just to be clear. Yay! Like this classy freebie shop!

They have Italian shoes here, and lots of other goodies, including Josina Burgess‘ dresses. Art you can wear, she calls it. Lovely.

Maya Paris suggested I go to the Hypergrid Adventurer’s Club, over on Jokaydia, I said no, sigh, yet another Thirza avie, but then I threw together a sort of travel pack – importable hair, dress textures, a prim skirt, a transparent texture, because I can never make the default one work, and shape parameters. While it’s as easy as (INV-> CREATE NEW-> SHAPE) to make your own shape,  it’s unclear how to export it, unless you’ve got either Second Inventory or a copybot. A familiar-looking avie makes it easier to navigate a new place, it’s one less distraction. There are about 70 shape variables, and the window only lets you alter 3 at a time, that’s irritating but it’s quicker than the alternatives – experimenting with shape options (ages in Appearance and less time for exploring the new world), or freebie shopping/trying on, or settling for the default shape (yuck).

Skin and shoes are the hardest accessories to make, I have a kind of pigtaily thing going on made in Veesome, it’s a breeze to import it complete with textures, but DIY is such a time sink, and as much as I fuss over it, it’ll never be anywhere near as lovely as SL Thirza’s Damselfly hair. I miss it. Sometimes freebie is the best option, just to move on from the introspection of newbiedom.

Time to put InWorldz Thirza in some sort of order while the mood strikes. What a delight to wake up in the shadow of soror Nishi‘s enormous tree-based confection. No lag on Soror Nishi Island. At the InWorldz welcome centre-cum-coffee shop, however, it was quite another story. Pure treacle.  The conversation turned to snow, and someone asked for a snowangel anim, and I imported one of mine, (I love the way Inworldz has free uploads!) but it kept going weird – arms and head twisting as if I’d been cursed by someone…

hmm I wonder who…

Back in Veesome, I ran into Tessa Harrington. She’s looking forward to the Virtual Worlds Conference in Washington DC in February, and very pleased with how her grids are growing – yes, grids, SpotOn is a sort of family of grids, and with one click you can tp from one to another – and the newest is Musicajam, and she’s got the people who make Hermes interested in working with the grid, here’s an interview with Philippe and Jim on Grid Wrap which is a TV show hosted on Metaverse TV. If you’re a musician, and want to sell your music securely, you probably already know all about the Hermes workbench – if not, you really should check it out.
Rumour has it, in a few weeks, we’ll be able to use the Phoenix viewer in Veesome – finally! Just in time for the arrival of Purdue University on the grid. I suppose I’d better start making academic earrings, then.

Jokaydia is an art/ed grid, up and running since March, hosted by ReactionGrid. They describe themselves as a Community of Practice, but it seemed pretty perfect to me. I crashed about five times at the very beginning while importing stuff on the Welcome sim, but after that, it was solid as a rock.

Search doesn’t work on Jokaydia, so finding friends is not easy, but a nice man called Johnny Cider provided a tp to Pathfinder’s sim. There were about 10 people present including grid creator Jokay Wollongong. Pathlandia is very pretty.

Pathfinder Lester is the one squatting on the log, if you’ll excuse the expression. The club is a fun group, Their conversation was over my head, but you can read everything that was said on Path’s blog, obviously. It’s been said that Hypergrid jumping could be dangerous for the security of your own computer. For example, naughty photos could be either accessed, or, if you don’t have any, added to your computer by passing visitors! There are malicious minds out there, we all know. What did the group think?

Vanish.Seriath Thirza, in theory it will allow others to run software on your computer, so there’s never to say what might happen, but if you’re not running a standalone on your computer that’s open for the public, the implications are very minimal.

Pathfinder Lester: The only potential security issue I’ve read about is the very remote possibility that a grid owner could possibly tweak things to be able to get into the inventory of someone visiting via hypergrid but nobody’s seen this happen. Ever. It’s just theory and the latest version of Hypergrid closes that potential hole completely, from what I’ve heard.

They discussed video games, something called hyperica, and the hypergrid stargate on Mal Burn’s Estate (doesn’t that sound very Beverly Hills??) And then it was time to step through the Gate –

woohoo! We first landed on this Hypergate platform on RG, and from here, gridhopping means you cut and paste an address into the Search part of your viewer Map. Took a few tries, but eventually…

there we all were on this fantastic French grid, ooh la la that’s some tower… no time to stop…

it’s upwards and onwards to Vanish Seriath and El Silven’s The Grey Inn Between.

This is an amazingly beautiful place, and the creations there – trees, houses, and furniture – are all free to copy and use in opensim.

Not all textures or attachments travel safely from one grid to another, but it doesn’t matter; the company was amusing and lively, and the locations take your breath away. I’m useless, I know, I have no clue how to get back to the Eiffel Tower or to the Grey Inn, but club members keep notecards of their favourites, and of course Pathfinder’s blog supplies the rest. The Hypergrid Adventurers Club is a must-do adventure experience. They meet on Sundays at 11.00pm GMT 5pm and 10pm GMT every Sunday, and 2pm GMT every Wednesday on sim Pathlandia in the Jokaydia grid. See you there.


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  1. Hi Thirza! The shape-shifting trick goes like this. First get Imprudence (or any other viewer that lets you export) open. You need a full perms shape to export, so i made a new shape in SL and copied all the numbers from my usual one. Takes a while but you only have to do this once. The next steps are pretty simple. Go to “Appearance” and hit the “export” tab in the bottom left of the window. This creates a text file on your computer that you can then export to any grid. Then just log into your chosen grid, go to “Appearance” again, hit “Import” tab and wait. There will be some jiggling about as your newly imported shape kicks in, so wait while that settles and then save it. Hope that helps.

  2. Quick correction. You mentioned at the end of your blog post that our club meets on Sundays at 11pm GMT. We actually meet at 5pm and 10pm GMT every Sunday, and 2pm GMT every Wednesday. You can also find our Google Calendar with all our meetings and itinerary notecards on the Hypergrid Adventurers Club homepage at

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Yes, the shape thing is easy, as Maya said.
    Grid hopping will become far more common and the shoes and hair problem is tricky. It might just be worth finding a day of two over the holidays to make my own. Skins form templates are easy enough to customise enough to make ‘your own’.
    I loved the freebies at Craft too, very classy.
    So glad you enjoyed my island, it’s still under construction but I’m selling more trees there than in SL, so all good news.

  4. Hi Thirza,

    thanks for the blogpost. We very much enjoyed the trip ourselves. Noticing there’s still a lot of confusion and a lack of knowledge about hypergrid and how things work in OpenSim, I wrote a few tutorials afterwards. This one might be of interest to you to find your way around in the Hypergrid:

    The “something called hyperica” is – a directory for Hypergrid destinations. Think of it as a travel guide.

    Godspeed and see you on the hypergrid,

  5. Oh… and before I forget. It’s kinda hard to answer a complex question in a fast paced chat discussion, so I tried to get to my point in one sentence regarding the security of hypergrid, but in hindsight it sounds quite cryptic. What I meant is this:

    There are several ways to use hypergrid. If it is just you travelling to other places, the security problems are minimal. Just like Pathfinder said, the worst that can happen is someone gets access to (part of) your inventory. (You should especially keep in mind that objects you’re rezzing on other people’s regions will be transferred to the region asset storage and can be copied by anyone having access to the asset database. This, however, is not a hypergrid issue, but the way OpenSim works.) Your computer, however, is safe.

    Now the other way around – if you were running OpenSim on your computer and opened your regions up for hypergrid, other people could come visit. This is somewhat riskier, especially if you allow hypergrid travellers to run scripts (which can be configured in opensim.ini), and it’s what I meant with “others running software on your computer”. Scripts are software, and can be used maliciously. Still the possibility that a malicious griefer finds its way to a lonesome opensim installation that’s not listed anywhere and actually decides to screw around with it, is pretty small.

    In the end, however, it depends on what you define as “safe”. Some people already freak out when someone bumps into their avatars and I’ve heard people cry about terrible griefer attacks when someone just made their avatars point in some direction (which could as well have been an OpenSim bug).

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