This has been Meet the Grid Owner week – wow! Namedropping Time!!  Licu Rau of Craft and Tessa Harrington of SpotOn; Jokay Wollongong from Jokaydia was at the Hypergrid Adventurer’s Club (there’s a really interesting interview with her on this week’s Gridwrap ) and Elenia Llewellyn of Inworldz! Does this mean I’m going to bump into P Linden before the weekend? Hmm signs point to 404. Anyway, as my dad used to say, it only counts as kudos if the VIP goes around boasting that they met you.

Here’s Elenia, standing in the InWorldz welcome plaza looking gorgeous in a seasonable off-the-shoulder santa dress. As you can tell from the background of the photo, which took about 5 minutes to rez to this point, I still get atrocious lag when in Inworldz, unless I’m far from the madding crowd; but no matter, the point of my visit was to see Wizard Gynoid’s colossal fractal at Ed Hinterland’s Werk gallery. Bigger is better, that’s Wizzy’s credo, and  it really works in this setting – lots of space, so you get the full impact of her latest creation. A structure of these dimensions and this sort of prim count – over 1400 for the InWorldz version, she used even more to make the one in Craft – would be impossible in Second Life, says Wizzy. It’s far from the biggest primcount on record (check out this cool half million on a German grid for sheer enormity) but it certainly is massive. We sat in the middle and she talked about what it means.

Wizard Gynoid: I find it to be a magical mystery, a surprise, a spiritual clue. A door or portal to higher dimensions of reality. More advanced entities that we come across will no doubt understand these things. I like to think that they are puzzles/tests left here for us to solve. And artistes have used phi – the golden ratio for millennia; this fractal is based on phi.

Would she like to be on a pure Math grid? Sure. But there’s something about the random miscellaneousness of grids like IWz and SL that has huge value, something you wouldn’t find in a single themed world.

Wizard Gynoid: I am surprised and stimulated by the unexpected approaches of other artists; sometimes they stimulate me to do something different, inspire me, and it is nice to discover others who are working on similar things. Some of my best experiences in SL came from totally random discoveries. just flying around the map, and I have very high hopes for the open sim grids, what i call the Omniverse. As long as it is free to all, it will evolve into something amazing.


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