party crashing

To everyone like soror who’s bundling up in front of virtual beaches, or roasting their nuts in front of particle fires, and feeling glad they’re not stranded in an airport on the way to Marrakesh, I have five words for you Road trip to Palm Beach; woot, but let’s be honest,  I’m not going to find anything as gorgeous as this in Florida, am I? No no, not Oberon Onmura although of course he is geek-chic in his glasses and Jo Ellesmere skin; however, I meant his new creation. I’ve been having cloud/clothing issues in Craft all week, so his greeting didn’t come as a big surprise. Except that is was in Italian.

Oberon Onmura: vicino allarme donna nuda!
He was wearing one of those translator things, which work fine about 60% of the time and, like many an Italian Studies undergrad, can’t cope with the gap between received and idiomatic English, creating some hilarious lapses. In preparation for what may be a long stay in this decidedly Italian land, Oberon has been working on his Definite Articles as well as a new installation…
Oberon Onmura: if I was Italian, I’d call it Waves of Desire
Oberon Onmura: se fossi stato italiano, lo chiamerei Waves of Desire
Don’t ask me why it didn’t translate the name into onde del desiderio. On the other hand I could tell you why it used the past subjunctive, but then I’d have to kill you, because term time is over, thank God.

The problem with the Translator is that, no matter which two languages you’re mixing it up in, the ‘translation’ give the illusion that you’re learning the other language when in fact you’re picking up botspeak. But don’t let that stop you visiting the MdM on Craft. It is more beautiful and interesting every time. The Italians are doing some cool RL/SL  crossover work this December, in collaboration with the prestigious Brera gallery in Milan. Thanks to Imparafacile Runo and his team, the Brera Academy Virtual Lab has a presence on the grid, and Second Life has taken up ‘residence’ on screens in one of Milan’s biggest railway stations, San Giovanni. Merlino Mayo wrote a little about it, if you’d like to know more, he can point you in the right direction.

Back on Oberon’s region in Craft: he’s currently working on getting the colors of Waves of Desire to change gradually. Right now they ‘just go’, changing hue rather more suddenly than he’d like, but gradual color changes wreak havok on the server, which he monitors closely -in fact, it’s getting to be a bit of an obsession, watching all the values, and that raises another question: does all the reporting out to the console eats up a lot of processor time? Yeah, like I would know.

Later, Lollito Larkham showed me his brains (yuck). Nobody could see me, but at least I wasn’t all nekked on their screens, probably due to my on-the-road crappy connection. This also explains the low quality of these pictures. There was much talk of the mysterious instant rezzing script/object they give you in InWorldz. Or is that just voodoo.

Minutes I became another willing victim of the Bodimosa skin by Artistide Despres. II’ll kee those snaps for private viewing. It’s the semi-official club skin, so feel free to come here, join up and ask for your own copy… if you’ve got the nerve.

They were pushing the limits in Veesome this week, also, with a  ‘Crash my Cloud’ party on Wednesday afternoon. If, like me, you don’t really know what a cloud is, try clicking here and see if that helps.

Tessa Harrington, Victor Hua, Sunny Salamander and the rest of the team set up a version of Thoth Jantzen‘s Area 54 Club, and bots, guest testers and regulars alike tried to crash the cloud. Sunny was Cloudmaster, and had a big graph and everything!

No, you’re right, I have no clue. Bots are particularly good in this setting because they do a lot of physical stuff like running into one another and leaping strangely in the air, which is RAM hungry, I’m told.

Definitely not bots, the rocking musical entertainment was provided by Anek Fuchs and Jimmy49 Dukes. Anek has played Veesome before, and he’s blazing a trail for other musicians out to explore grids beyond SL.

Among the guest testers, Mal Burns (sitting on the toadstool) and Chantal Harvey, unrecognizable in a basic avie. She enthused over Thoth’s build (seen here in only its partial glory) and vowed to come back and make a machinima of it. Can’t wait to see it!


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