The great gate

Xon Emoto was there before me, testing the jump from Jokaydia to ReactionGrid; I landed on his head but I don’t think he minded. After all, we’re out on the frontier here. There’s something about the Hypergrid portal – they call it a Blamgate – that is quite thrilling, and if you have a region on an open world, you can come into Jokaydia and get one for free, to set up on your own land.

When you go gridjumping, your name in Chat gets very long, along the lines of Thirza.Ember So if you’re thinking of setting up a place from which to jump, call your grid Dave or something. You’ll thank me later.

I had been nosing around John ‘Pathfinder’ Lester’s Clubhouse, looking for treasures. Nothing doing. What proportion of the Omniverse, do you think, is given over to empty clubhouses, meeting halls, corporate offices, stadiums and theatres? There must be about 50 empty seats for every avatar ever created. Yet, there are sort of pirate hamsters and an octopus and other stuff on the sim, so it all balances out. Anyway there was no porridge and no comfy bed in the clubhouse so I wandered through the gate after Xon.

Permutation! There was no way to get back! A loud sign announced “ReactionGrid is a PG Grid, so please, no nudity, no swearing, there are young kids on the grid every day – keep it safe for us all!” So I kept my kex on, muffled my b@#$% and begged help from Xon. A SLURL pasted into the Search part of your Map, and then hit Teleport, – that’s what most hypergrid jumping involves, but the gates make it look fancier.

The Hypergrid Adventurer’s Club is Pathfinder’s way of getting people to network and share stuff from different grids. I zoned out when they got to comparing acquaintances, and talking about technical innovation, but you can read the minutes on Pathfinder’s  blog.

Here are Vanish Seriath and El Silven – they’re having a Start Party at The Gray Inn Between on the 16th of January. More about that closer to the day. We heard about the map of Open Worlds made by Pam Broviak from govgrid. Her group, which began in SL, and does what it sounds like it would do, is interested in the Creative Commons approach to virtual communities: sharing content rather than selling it. Like the rest of us, they’ve had to face the whole export-from-SL challenge: if you made a large building in SL the chances are that, even though they’re your prims and your textures, those pesky megaprims aren’t ‘yours’ and you’re not going to be able to export it.
CC, TOS and license chat ensued. But another interesting thing popped up -a place called  Unity 3D where they’re making Participatory Chinatown. I could participate in some Moo Shoo pork right now.

And then off through the Blamgate! We went to  New World Grid, woot, La France! we dropped in on this beautiful villa by Kire and Marline. Italian francophile Giovanni Molko gave us a rather bemused but very courteous welcome. Then off to Aime Socrates’ region, Physics (There’s a Cern connection – Pathfinder can tell you more, if you’re into all that stuff.)
This is Aime’s first sim and she’s been working on it for a year, it’s a wonderful achievement, but it seemed clear that not nearly enough people come visit and her informative  real-time Planetarium, complete with Trou de ver

or her amazing giant size lab, which is reminiscent of the Greenies that Rezzable had in SL, back in the day, here complete with a little rat-run around the furniture – tres amusant! So many great places out there, and kind, welcoming people, beyond the edges of Second Life. Join the Adventurers’ Club and see them all!


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  1. the “next time” was yesterday, Jan 5th, when pathfinder led the explorers to my Wizzy region on Reaction Grid. so many avatars showed up it crashed the sim, or so i have heard.

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