Moire than meets the eye

What spirit is so empty and blind,
that it cannot recognize the fact
that the foot is more noble than the shoe,
and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed

Oberon Onmura‘s been bragging for ages about his Jo Ellsmere skin, and now Scottius Polke’s Craft avie is sporting another smashing example of her work. Who is this extraordinary and fun loving artist? Among her ‘weird and wonderful’ skins is this moire avatar (actually an alpha layer) complete with stylized internal organs that seem like a set of platonic shapes being digested. We met on sim Andromeda, donated by Luce Laval to the performance art group Odyssey, run by Fau Ferdinand and Liz Solo.

She really admires the non-commercial spirit of sharing in Craft, and, since much of the evolution of art depends on trial and error, she loves the free uploads.  Scripting is something she’s been exploring over the past 9 months.
Jo Ellsmere: Scripting does not come naturally (or easily!) to me it’s been a long, slow, slog, actually, but at least at this point it doesn’t (for the most part) look like Greek to me. Now it looks more like…Spanish!

With a BA in Fine Art and a background in graphic art and typography, quiltmaking, woodwork and stained glass, Jo’s been in SL for about 4 years, and, after a short digression into following the live music scene, began building and learning photoshop. This is her first chair.

Jo Ellsmere: When I first started seriously building, I made chairs.

At the Performance’ Wedding of Selavy Oh andMisprint Thursday in SL last January, many of my chairs were used for the reception. It was fun, lots of creative people involved. Unfortunately, many of the chairs had multiple rotating elements which don’t work here in Craft but hopefully, as Craft grows,that will change. It would make my life much easier and multiple scripting rotations is a bit beyond my capabilities at this point!

Creation and inspiration is a matter of working and having one thing lead to another; it’s about playing and exploring form, movement and colour. No fanciful names for the chairs, or special meaning, but they’re clearly meant to be enjoyed; Jo has some great, goofy and weird sit poses that sadly also didn’t make the journey from SL, but she is not discouraged, and is working on mastering Qavimator.

Jo Ellsmere: This is one of my early skins from last year, I’ve gotten an lot of wear out of this one.

It’s beautiful and she looked pensive, but perhaps a little mischievous. It made me think of La vita è bella and tyre tracks. Among the red dunes down on the sim floor, the Odyssey group share space, and in one corner, Jo has her Laboratory, with fetuses, trees and lots of moire. What is moire, anyway?

Jo Ellsmere: hmmm… moire is a pattern that is so small as to make an optical illusion. For me, it’s a way to pull the viewer into the work well, it requires a bit of work on the viewers part and it’s up to them, really, just how much they wish to get out of a piece if they choose to only glance superficially then that’s all they’ll get out of itif they choose to look more closely then there’s a nice payoff. I was also playing with  llSetPrimitiveParams with these pieces, and I have some off-sim pieces here, a sort of optical illusion.

These sculptures, made using moire and gradated textures, are moored  inside the sim boundaries, with the visible elements pushed out into the ‘nothing’ beyond.

Jo Ellsmere: I love the Odyssey group (here and in SL). There’s so much creativity, and such a nice group of people in SL, where the focus is much more on performance art. Hopefully, as Craft develops, that will carry over to here, too. Luce Laval has been great. Really, everyone in Craft has been wonderful – such a spirit of camaraderie. If I hadn’t stumbled upon the arts in SL, I would have left there long ago. I found a home, really, and I’ve never become jaded about the artistic/creative possibilities of the virtual. The potential is infinite.


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