Calling Craft

[11:44 AM]  radionne: [ CW ] »en» ☻ Thirza Ember ► hello all ◄

Want to venture into new worlds but afraid of missing out on the gossip, or being a lonely newb? Pick up the Latest accessory from Vadrouille Zepp, the Radionne. It’s a walkie-talkie for the omniverse. Anyone owning a Radionne can see messages from any world! (no private conversations as yet, but Vadrouille is working on that, probably refining it down to group use first.) You just wear, touch and follow the simple instructions.

Available in English German and Classic French flavours, the Radionne is Free on SLMarketplace and will be available in all good Freebie drop-off points in Craft – look on sim Hydra first – from this evening.

Here’s Tao Quan modelling the nifty device on a white belt. I wear mine on my left hand because I’m a dork and enjoy trying to click hopelessly for five minutes before sending messages of any kind. The Radionne has a nice ringtone to let you know people are getting in touch – lots of “good night” and “bon apetit” for now, but this is a great way to find out if other grids are working, who’s inworld, and what the weather’s like elsewhere.

Wow, a blog post about Virtual Worlds that’s not anguishing about Identity Monologues. You might have to mute me.

[11:39 AM]  radionne: Reminder, no insults, no sex, no ads except for events.


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