The dancing prims of Uqbar

This is sim Uqbar on Craft grid, the home away from home of CARP Diabolus. Two guesses who I met there.
Josina Burgess: This is a project of Vela.  He made the theatre and the dancing prims. It is called Alien Bolero. It will change a little here and there. The music is the final part of Ravel’s Bolero, arranged and played by Junivers stockholm.

We sat down, turned on our stream. Velazquez set the whole thing in motion. The prims began to dance and you could feel the glee radiating from his avatar.
Velazquez Bonetto: What I find absolut great , this is the first theatre production in OSG what works perfect! We tried one year ago to build the Metropolis theater on the Metropolis grid, but it was not OK. Here it works perfect!
nicola reinerman: Well, one year ago it was impossible even to imagine what are we doing here now!

It’s clearly far above my pay grade – complicated stuff – but Vela’s a quick worker, and in just an hour and a half, he had brought the whole thing over from SL and set it up here. The dancing prims was part of the Cybernetic tour in the Nicolas Schoeffer Tower, but as Josina pointed out, ‘of course not the same but improved’.

But why Craft? With less than 700 people enrolled on the grid, it’s not likely to offer the sort of capacity crowds that CARP productions usually attract in Second Life. So what’s the appeal of this much smaller world, and other boutique platforms that make up the OpenSim grid?

Velazquez Bonetto: OSGrid has much more potential in the future as SL. First, this is an open source software. SL is a closed system with many restrictions. I hate restrictions. In many components OSGrid is better as SL, but it must in the future to be safe and stable, that’s all.
Josina Burgess: Even with no audience, artists will create because they can’t exist without creating. We try to develop other ways of entertainment – other than is possible in RL, or in a movie – another kind of experience.

Velazquez Bonetto: Theatre in the metaverse is something other than in RL. Here, can you really imagine. The story is always something human, but the new virtual tools makes the difference.
Velazquez and Josina are still playing with textures, transparencies, and they need a ‘new master timing controller’, whatever that is – because things don’t exactly translate between SL and other worlds. But the tweaking won’t take long, and they plan to put on a show some time in the next week or so.
Josina Burgess: Yes, we will have a party afterwards as well!
Be there.

And in the meantime, if you want some good theatre, go over to Youtube and see L1aura  Loire’s brand new Machinima Open End. It’s a meditation on a number of things, including irresolution and the navigational skills of leopards. Not to be missed.

L1aura Loire on Elena in Craft


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