Maps are nice. You can read them. They are even nicer when someone explains what you’re looking at. This is the hypergrid map by Pam Broviak, of govgrid. Pam Broviak: The hypergrid idea and setup, while very cool, is confusing. The continents represent the different versions of opensim/hypergrid software. An avatar based on one continent can only travel to other grids on their continent – they cannot go “across the water.” So for example,  if you want to visit the German Grid, you can create an avatar in Craft then hypergrid to the German Grid because they are on the same continent. I left some “brown” space between the regions on each continent to try to designate the levels or locations of the regions. On each continent, there is a lower region, a middle region, and an upper region separated by barren land. Each grid is located within one of these 3 regions depending on the coordinates of the grid. The reason for showing this on the map is that an avatar can’t travel directly from a lower to an upper or the other way – they must go from lower-middle-upper or upper-middle-lower. So the map should accurately depict this relationship between Craft and German Grid in that they are on the same version of hypergrid (on same continent) and you can travel directly from Craft (an upper region grid) to the German grid (a middle region grid).

Pam says it’s a work in progress, and always will be, as she continues to figure out where in the world certain grids like Metropolis fit innot to mention the new grids that came online over the past few weeks. On top of that, grids shift on the map – sometimes even changing continents! – when they upgrade. An endlessly fascinating task, and a big Thank You to Pam for taking the time to do it!

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